Rock Solid Selling

Training Emotional Intelligence skills through Faith

A Complete Sales Training Series

Created by Doug Soltis

Topics include:

  • Your cornerstone is your definition
  • Your mission statement?
  • Who before Why? – Character Trait Commitment is the vision.
  • How do you do? Naturally, your way is best.
  • What do you do? The Way.
  • When? The art of timing.
  • The most critical attribute, to be liked and wanted in business.
  • The most critical skill.
  • Truth Triangle and the gray line just telling the truth is not enough.
  • BTruths Triangle part 2: Believed Relevant Truth = Trust.
  • Prospecting: I AM Fearless.
  • Parable selling – stories that market you and your product.
  • Improvsell: How to have in the moment thinking.
  • Humor: The glue of long term relationships. How, when and where.
  • Follow up: Getting keys to the Kingdom
  • Solutions and Service is king
  • Presentations that flow and glow
  • Dying to Close:The art of no pressure closing.
  • The Body and the Spirit
  • Public speaking for new speakers teachers and trainers. This for groups only.
  • Public speaking, the art of I am. This is for groups only